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Frame House, Toowong

Planning Stage | 2012 | Cunningham Designs

The distinctive contemporary style of this design is in direct contrast to its bushland setting. However the primary focus of the house is “hidden” behind its solid timber entry wall with concealed doors, which open to reveal a dramatic two storey living area. A glass wall dominates the back of the house and looks directly out to the treetops, stunning view, and curved pool. From the entry to the back of the house, repeating 2 storey high precast concrete structural frames help create a sense of transparency by allowing continuous access to the surrounding views and bushland.

At the base of the house the garage cuts into the site and anchors the cantilevered main bedroom above, which has been positioned to take full advantage of the views and breezes.

The lower level of the house steps with the natural ground line to minimize earthworks and is the perfect place for the large media room, store and full size cellar.

Timeless materials – bare and polished concrete, stone, timber and glass are used through out the house.