Autodesk Revit software is purpose made for the Design Industry, and utilizes Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Put Simply, your entire project is developed and designed in a virtual 3D world. 2D lines are replaced by real virtual elements such a slabs, walls, windows, and doors. This allows for more informed decisions, as the building is being “virtually built” during the design process.

Communication is the key to a successful design and construction process. Revit will generate highly detailed 2D construction documents and details for the builder, and from the same model produce photo realistic images and walk throughs from any position and angle required. This ensures accuracy and consistency for everyone.

Example : The builder reading his floor plans, the cabinet maker studying a detailed design, and the owner looking at a photorealistic image, are all looking at the same kitchen at the same time, just from different perspectives.

Revit presents the designer with the opportunity to produce highly detailed documents, with the possibility to position every structural element, bulkhead, AC duct, light switch, towel rail, door handle, floor material, cabinet, etc, etc…………..into the drawings